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Welcome to the Toshiba Classic Sponsor Tools Site.


Below you will find various sponsor tools that will help you to be successful.  If you have problems with any of the files, please contact the Tournament Office at any time.


2014 Deadlines

This Deadline sheet is a suggested guideline of soft and hard due dates leading up to tournament.


2014 Sponsor Handbook

The Sponsor Handbook provides key information including operational timelines, contact info and other opportunities for our sponsors to take advantage of before and during tournament week.  We urge all sponsors to capitalize on these services throughout the planning and execution process of their sponsorship program.  We encourage you to take the time to read the informatio as well as review the templates and tools provided.  If you need additional images or have problems downloading the templates, please contact the Tournament Office. 


2014 Sponsor Planning Guide

The Toshiba Classic Sponsor Planning Guide is a strategic guid eto mazimize your investiment.  The guide provides tips to get you from Point A to Point Z, with examples, templates and other ideas along the way.  By clicking on the folder icon, you will find the art files for the templates,logos and other information.  If you have any problems with the files, please contact the Tournament Office at any time.

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Pdficon LargeDownload 2014 Hospitality Menu

 Course Guide Artwork Specifications

Pairings Guide Artwork Specifications


Hospitality Map

We be updated once the Course Guide has gone to the printer.  As printed in the Course Guide.  Subject to change.  A new map will be provided following the completion of the Pairings Guide.